Saturday, November 24, 2018

Console PANDORA client

I listen to PANDORA while working in my shop. Constantly. I currently have two computers running 24/7 -- my main desktop for computer things, and another system playing music, managing the security camera system, etc.
See the problem? If I'm sitting at my main desktop, I'd have to get up and walk across the room -- 20 feet! -- to change the playlist or skip a song. I could simply run the PANDORA client on my main computer, but then when I'm not at my desk, I wouldn't be able to see what was playing or control it either.
What I wanted was a dual-user-interface, single audio output option for PANDORA. Spotify has this, but I can't find one for Pandora. Make that "couldn't".
A marvelous open-source project named "pianobar" which presents a user interface in a terminal window to the rescue. If I open it on the music attached computer in a screen session, I can ssh to the music computer and join the screen session. Current songs, control, everything on both computers! In a terminal session! Best of all worlds!!!!!

1. open a terminal on the music computer
2. start a shared screen session   
screen -d -m -S pandora
3. join that session and start pianobar
screen -x pandora   
4. open a terminal on the main desktop
5. ssh to the music computer
ssh musicboy
screen -x pandora

and voila! The player is visible and controllable on both computers!

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